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Florida Swingers Lifestyle Glossary

Bang - A slang term for sex and also a term related to hot wifing and hot wife dating. The "House wife bangers." (Bulls).

Bang Wife - This term also causes confusion: Does she just hot wife or does she want a gang bang? Is she a partner to a voyeur? Yes, yes and yes, hence the confusion.

Bi (Bisexual) - AC/DC, and not the band. People who sex with others of the same gender as well as the opposite gender.

Bi Curious (Bisexually Curious) - People who are curious about bisexuality but tentative, often shy, and certainly not "pushy."

Bondage - Leaves you tied up in knots. Literally.

Bulls - Men, often single males, who have sex with other men's partners. This has exploded upon the swinging scene in the last few years.

Cheat Wife/ Cheating Wife - These swinging terms have caused great confusion: Is a wife who dates with her partner's knowledge a hot wife or a cheater? Many single males fall into this category in that their partner does not know they are having sex with others. However, this term is also used for "hot wifing" (hot wife dating). Generally, this refers to women who have sex with others without their partner's knowledge and approval.

Cheater - This term is very clear - someone is having sex with others without their partner's knowledge and approval.

FMF - Female, male, female sexual activities. For some couples, finding a single female is the easiest thing in the world. For others, it is next to impossible. Some couples who are into "Separate Swing" activities have no problem at all: They trade off their partners.

Full Swap - Full sexual activity, including penetration, with people other than their partner.

Gang Bang - This is where multiple men have sex with one (or in group parties) more than one female, but the gender ratio is decidedly male.

Girl - Girl - Two or more girls engaged in sexual activity, often with their partners watching. This is very common among all swingers, and especially among "soft swing" couples.

Group Sex - Any sexual activity where more than two people are present, but usually refers to two or more couples.

Hot Wife (Hot Wife Dating) - Hot wife dating has exploded in the last two years. Hot wife dating is a phenomenon where wives and girlfriends have sex with other men without their partner present. Some observers of the lifestyle say this means the lifestyle is maturing: It is a well known fact that swingers go through phases as their comfort level increases - newbies often want only to soft swing, but most will be full swap within a year of two.

Hot Mom - Hot moms are a segment of hot wife dating (or hot wifing) with a twist - they aren't necessarily in a committed relationship.

House Party - This is usually an orgy in someone's home.

Lifestyle - This is a term most swingers prefer rather than the label "Swinger." "Swingers" is more of a 1970's term, Lifestyle is more post-modern.

Meet & Greet - Most off premises clubs host meet and greets. However, it may also be a football party at a local bar, a cook out, or a motorcycle road trip.

MFM - A threesome with two men and one woman.

MILF & MILF Dating - Mothers I'd Like to Fuck: See also the definitions of hot wife and hot wife dating since many of the people interested in the "mature" aspect of swinging often use this interchangeably with hot wifing or being a "Bull."

Newbie - A single or couple who is new to swinging.

On Premises Swing Club - These swing clubs have a place to meet and a place to have sex - usually with various accouterments for group sex activities - on the premises.

Off Premises Swing Club - These swing clubs are places to meet but do not have sexual activities in the meeting area. This is almost a nullity since these events are often held at swinger's resorts or hotels: You won't be having sex with your friends in the hotel lobby or the meeting area, but there ARE private rooms there.

Orgy - Sex with a bunch of people present.

Poly, Polyamory, and Polyamorous - Non-monogamous people in love based relationships.

Pushy - People who try to have sex before the other(s) feel it is appropriate.

Rule - Swinging rules come in many forms. There are the rules of the  swinger's club, the rules of each couple, and the rules of the individual.

Same Room Only - This refers to a "Swinging Rule" many couples have that means that full swap sex will happen, but only if everyone is comfortable and in the presence of the other partner.

Separate Swing - This phrase refers to a couple comfortable with having sex without their partner present, AND their partner comfortable with this as well.

Single Male or Single Female - Individuals who are not part of a swinging couple.

Soft Swing - People who either "watched and be watched" OR like to let the women explore girl on girl bisexual activities without the men swapping partners.

Swinger's Resort - An on premises swing club that usually has clothing optional amenities where swingers enjoy a resort like atmosphere. Florida has perfect weather for clothing optional recreation.

Swinging & Swingers - This is a name given to people who enjoy sexual activities that are now mainstream recreational sexual act involving more than one partner, yet there are many, many variations of the swinging lifestyle.

Swing Life Style - Both a term for the swing lifestyle itself, and the name of a popular swingers website. Swing Lifestyle is a Florida based company (often referred to as "SLS" with a large number of swingers throughout the southeast.

Threesome - A combination of three people, usually but not always, a "two on one" situation. There are both same sex and mixed gender threesomes.

Voyeur - A variant of the lifestyle where one or both partners in a relationship enjoy watching their partner have sex with others yet do not participate.

Watch (and be watched) - This is a version of swinging where couples do not swap partners but simply have sex with others present.

Wife swapping - This another phrase for swingers who are married, and swing as a couple, same room or separate swing.

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