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My Horny, Hot, Beach Wife

Question: My horny hot wife is a sexy woman who has a hot, beach wife fantasy: She wants to pick up men at the beach and have sex with them and then come home and tell me about it while I bang away. Sometimes, she would bring guys home for a hot threesome, or a slut wife gang bang. I find this to be an unexpected turn on. We would prefer for her to hot wife with the male partner of couples we already know - a security thing. We live in North Florida and we know a lot of swingers in the North Florida area, but we haven't discussed this with any of them because, well, we think it will sound weird to them. Should we bring it up or just act on it with strangers?

Answer: Florida swingers come in all shapes, sizes and preferences. Your hot beach wife fantasy is just as normal as any other adult fantasy, and so is your concern for security. After all, some guy she meets on the beach may not understand the rules of your relationship, the swing life style, or could even fall in love with her and jeopardize your relationship.

Fortunately, you have several options with all of the people in the swing life style: You can always approach the couples you know with "fantasy story exchanges" or ask them about their favorite experiences. You haven't stated so in your question, but it sounds like the couples you know are interested in a male - female- male threesome, a slut wife gang bang or separate swing activities. Any of these things could mean that they are open to what you want to do. If this is true, then you already know where they stand.

On the other hand, you may meet other couples in the swing life style who would be willing to do a hot wife (or in your case, hot beach wife) exchange: Your hot beach wife meets up with the male half on one occasion and you meet up with the other couple's female half the next time. Alternatively, you could always surf sites like SwingLifeStyle and look up single males who have been certified as genuine by other members, and you could contact those other members for references.

The horny hot wife (beach hot wife, in your case) fantasy has always been around, but has not been nearly as popular as the female - male - female threesome. However, times are changing. The shear number of single males in the swing life style has made this fantasy more out in the open and more popular. Many people - men and women - want their partner to have fun. They enjoy it when their partner is sexually satisfied, and they enjoy sharing that satisfaction, whether it is shared vicariously or in person.

Florida Social  is a swingers club in Florida which holds most functions on, or near the beach. If your current group of North Florida swingers and other swing life style friends are not into the horny hot wife fantasy, that's okay. You can always meet other couples - especially those couples who come to the social with a single male. Swing life style couples who attend any Florida Social function and sponsor a single male are responsible for the single male's behavior. So each of the single males who attends (a maximum of five more single males than single females per hundred members for each function) has been prescreened by couples with a horny hot wife fantasy just like you. That way, you and your horny hot wife can pick and choose those males who are a perfect fit (pun fully intended) for your fantasy. The only thing we ask is please don't bang her on the beach - the beach is always busy with people, even at night. Non-swingers would freak if they were to happen upon two or three of you going at it. Worse, the cops patrol Florida's beaches and arrest anyone getting busy on a public beach. Hot wife fantasies are just fine, getting busted on the beach for one isn't.

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STEP 2: Login, go to the Event Calendar to RSVP or start meeting local swingers right away. This party will sell out, and when the tickets are gone, they are gone. People were turned away at the Halloween party, and you don't want to miss the biggest event of the year!

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