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I Want To Share My Wife With Another Man

Question: I read your horny hot wife story about the woman who wanted another man or two. But in my case, I am the instigator. My wife is somewhat interested, but feels like it would be cheating. This may sound awful, but I actually fantasize about her going out on dates with other men - and coming home "full" for a another round. Is this weird? Is it normal? Do other men feel this way?

Answer: Many Florida swingers share this fantasy; others are repelled by it. Is wanting to share your wife with other men normal/weird/awful? This is really a concern for relationship security.

When two people agree on where the boundaries of their relationship lie, who are we or anyone else, for that matter, to tell you otherwise? Now, if a person wants to abuse another in a selfish manner that is not a shared fantasy, that's one thing. But wanting to share your wife and play with her after the fact - as opposed to participating in the moment - that is something the two of you must agree upon.

If either of you dishonestly relate to each other, then that is not acceptable behavior. Unless you think being lied to is normal. Few people would think that it is. After all, swinging is the opposite of dishonest affairs - it is open, honest and transparent.

Thus your wife share fantasy has two components: Your comfort and that of your wife. Your comfort is clear. Her comfort level is not: She has a reason for her concern. What is it? We have run into this issue before, and  came to a consensus that you need greater dialog. She may be concerned that you may change your opinion of her, that she may be tempted to cheat rather than share, or that you may want the same and she is not prepared to go there. The whole idea may excite her as a fantasy, yet the reality is too frightening. In fact, this may be her real concern: She may believe that you think you want to share your wife with another man, but that if it happens, you may not find it as exciting as you think you will.

After several years of contests, SwingLifeStyle remains your best bet for finding single men - and couples who play separately - for genuine swingers who have been certified by other members. You can also contact those other members for references, suggestions, and ask how they have dealt with the same situation. We could recommend a "one size fits all" answer for you, but you and your wife deserve several different opinions so that you can make a decision that fits your relationship needs. Note: When you land on the front page of SwingLifeStyle, you will be asked to create a User Name and Password before you can start using the website. A trial membership is free.

The whole "share my wife with another man" thing is not new, but it has surged in popularity over the last couple of years. Some attribute the newfound popularity as a way to "get the wife involved" in the swing lifestyle. For long time lifestyle members, it is actually startling to some, normal to others, and threatening to several. Most long timers got into it when the only threesome contemplated was a couple and a unicorn (single female). Now that single females have come out of the woodwork and women now dominate the decision making in most couples' swinging activities, the whole lifestyle is undergoing a transformation.

Florida Social is a swingers club that respects diversity of choices. Just don't ask us to condone dishonesty and lying. Your wife has done you a favor by speaking her mind on this issue. Return the favor. Non-sexual affection, open and honest communication, and a willingness to be patient will make for a more fulfilling relationship.

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