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His Wife's First Time With a Stranger, Part I

SwingLifeStyle is like any other swinger's dating site - plenty of fakes, plenty of flakes, and plenty of . . . utterly fantastic. People will throw you under the bus because, well, they can. And will. And do. Still, sometimes you strike gold. Like tonight with A (male) and H (female) - Am & Hf.

The whole thing started last week. I had about twenty screens open, and one of them was SwingLifeStyle. It had been open for a while, and I refreshed it every now and again so it wouldn't kick me out of the system.

Out of nowhere, this couple writes to me: Am and Hf: I click their SwingLifeStyle profile - no pics of him, some of her body, no face. Not a problem: Many people on SwingLifeStyle have to be discreet. Since her pics look stunning, I open their mail: They are hunting male.

This is good.

We email a few times, and then they ask me to use the SwingLifeStyle chat function. Ugh. Chat. I hate chat. Just not my thing. But . . . she's fine. Hot as fire, even without a face pic. Him? Don't know, don't care - I like women, thank you very much.

The chat goes well. I mean really, really well. Not sexual cyber psycho stupid, but interesting. Intrigued, we agree to meet: They have a three (3) hour window with the child care situation on a Friday afternoon. My boss is pretty forgiving - I just tell him I have a SwingLifeStyle hookup if a the first date goes well, and the guy in the mirror okays it. It's good to be the boss.

Am and I talk on the phone during the week. Not long, but long enough to know that I like this guy, and his wife probably made a good pick. Voice tells you a lot more than text. There was none of the "we're doing you a favor" stuff at all. Good attitude, nice, polite, and he even had some things in common with me. So far, so good.

Friday roles around. The three of us meet at a local restaurant/watering hole. By now, we've exchanged regular email addresses - this if a bigger deal than it seems: Unless you are fond of creating a never ending stream of Ymail or Gmail addresses, you don't give out your regular address until you've used the SwingLifeStyle system to death.

We meet and get to know each other. By now, we've exchanged face pics, and Oh. My. God. This woman is not only beautiful, but she's smart, funny, interesting, and everything you would want as a wife banger. Some wife bangers want dumb and pretty, but I like the total package thing.

Holy Hell.

We finish dinner, and they get a text that the child care situation has changed - they have the whole night free. They ask if would like to get together later, even though it will be late. My calendar experiences instantly clears.

Somehow, we end up at the Sandshaker and then Waffle House: When you are at Waffle House at 2 a. m., you know you are drunk. And I was. Losing forty-five pounds will lower your tolerance dramatically. Thank you, Yellow Cab.

Somewhere along the way, we made plans to get together the following night at Pegleg Pete's on Pensacola Beach, followed by a trip to my condo. Nice.

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